Monday, May 29, 2017

Theories Put Into Practice

      Nothing like an old-fashion blog entry. I do have a couple of story ideas but what I'm reading cries out for thought and discussion. I should have those stories ready for June but for now, let me meander down a path that has not been trod for some time.
      It must have been hard for a fellow like Ralph Miliband during the dying days of the Cold War and the fall of the Soviet Union. He passed away in 1994 but was working on "Socialism for a sceptical age" during those monumental years. I am currently reading this book and while I am finding it a little dry I can't help but feel for Miliband. Then again, I find myself feeling for anyone who believed in Socialism since the days of the Bolsheviks. Miliband is just the latest in a very long list of writers and thinkers.
      Miliband discusses the evils of capitalism as well (of course) in this book but more as a contrast to socialism and communism. He does not go out of his way to praise the Soviet leaders of the Cold War era, mind you. Probably because it would be hard to defend the likes of Mao, Stalin, the KGB, Khrushchev, and other leaders that cut bloody swathes through their countries. Hindsight is wonderful? Of course but absolute power corrupts absolutely and these leaders, while perhaps noble and innocent at first, were drawn to the trappings of power and that was it.
       It's the thinkers I feel for. They believed in socialism and were more than certain that this theory would lead humanity to a golden future. Fine enough in theory. Try putting it into practice. History records that this theory was put into effect with disastrous results. This probably has more to do with the leaders and not the theory. Try to imagine what Europe or North America would look like with socialism and not capitalism leading the way? Well, there's China....
       But the likes of Murdock and the Walton family would be horribly reduced under a socialist economy. Of course, I could be mistaken. I haven't finished reading this book. It's okay. I won't post a full review in a future entry. Anyway, that's my miserable scribbling done.


Friday, May 19, 2017

The Marketing Department

Good evening fleshbags! I am a representative of Zomb. Inc's Marketing department. We'll be canvassing your neighbourhood this week. Do not be alarmed if you see us shambling around.
We are mainly interested in zombie pop culture and were wondering if you were familiar with any of the following. Samuel Beckett? Does he leave you 'Waiting'? Not him! William Shakespeare? Well, all the world's a stage and we are merely shamblers.
We also have a keen interest in later 20th century pop culture. Monty Python, Spitting Image, Red Dwarf - I myself can do a very good Luigi Vercotti. So why don't you open the door and tell me all about your interests in pop culture?
Not interested in pop culture? Well, how about politics? Our corporation is non-partisan so you can bet we can debate with the best of them. Remember; no matter whom you vote for, please vote in whatever elections are out there.
Oh, and did I mention you have a chance to win a prize for taking this questionnaire? We will be drawing six names to attend our upcoming Zombie Dance-Off! Fleshbags are welcome! Surely that's a good enough reason to share your thoughts with us! At least we're looking for thoughts; not the organ the thoughts come from.

The End.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Profile: Merril Dell

The golden ray of sunlight to the right is our Merril. She casts a jaundiced eye upon much of the world around her but for her family, she's nothing but the best kind of gold. On the weekends she can be found in front of the tube going to head-to-head with her sister-in-law Beth.
Today Merril's married and moved out but in the past she lived with her brother and sister-in-law and routinely blasted Beth to 16-bit bits. Her brother Declan admires her skill.
Merril also enjoys rocking with her amp, three chords, the truth, and her bassist baby brother. Here in the family home they practice their duets Thursdays after work. After she married her beloved Reilly she moved out but music and gaming remained important to her.
Mind you, she's not one to suffer fools. Especially not when expecting. Instead of fixing the T.V. her husband decided to be goofy. Small wonder she's so jaundiced!

The End.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Health Alert!

Be advised that there is a nasty disease currently making the rounds of your community. Symptoms include stomach cramps, wearing outlandish tights, and unmade beds.
 Further along in the disease's course patients report vomiting and other unspeakably disgusting symptoms. Anyone suffering these symptoms should have bed rest, fluids, and foot massages courtesy of their significant other.
 Males suffer different symptoms when dealing with this disease, it appears. Symptoms can include extreme fatigue and excessive sweating which can lead to overpowering body odour.
Treatment for males is similar to that for females; bed rest, plenty of fluids, and be certain to not eat any questionable meals. For instance, do not eat mac and cheese that emanates black smoke. This may hinder your recovery.

This has been a weird information moment.