Friday, October 20, 2017

In Praise of Stuff

      One of the biggest reasons I've been absent from this blog is that I spent way too much time this summer and even last summer watching a Brit named Applemask. He's a lovely cynic from Cornwall with his eye on public information films and advertising. He has a channel on Vimeo with an excellent program called the Hard Sell. I think I've learned more about the United Kingdom thanks to Applemask than I ever expected to learn. I've also struggled my way through a bottle of Irn-Bru, learned that Monster Munch pickled onion flavour is nasty, and fallen in love with the country of Wales because of this dude.
      He also has a Patreon, which he has linked in many of his videos. If you want to see what the world was like in the 80s and 90s (assuming you were too young to see these adverts the first time around), be sure to check him out.

      I guess I should post some Sims stuff here too.

Some dudes

Same dudes?

That is all for now.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Yeah... got distracted.

     A few mumbles from me to make up for a very long silence. So since I went silent in July I've been to Nova Scotia with La Madre and then I got back to work at the close of August.
     I will start with my adventures in Halifax. First off, stay away from Air Canada as much as you can. They screwed La Madre and I royally concerning our flight east. The connecting flight was outright cancelled - thus pissing off a multitude of people. That flight was supposed to land in Montreal and from there a whole bunch of people were going to a variety of places. Air Canada seems to be controlled by a sub-human society of idiots.
     Then we reached Halifax and got screwed over by the Delta Barrington. Stupid, thoughtless morons that never told La Madre and I we were supposed to be in another hotel. Nobody told us anything and I blame Delta Barrington wholly for this snafu. Our replacement hotel I call the No Point Sheraton. You can figure the real name out. Meanwhile the harbour and surrounding restaurants were great. I highly recommend McKelvie's by the water - amazing food.
      Things got better when we made the trip to Sydney. Seafood chowder became my friend while we were there. Sydney has a beautiful walkway by the water as well. The best restaurant of all was in North Sydney. If you are ever there, go to Lobster Pound and Moore. You will not be disappointed. Oh, and for the first chowder I ever tried (and LOOOOOVED) was at Governors Pub & Eatery. Amazing.
       Are you a Rita MacNeil fan? Be sure to go to Rita's Tea Room. I teared up walking around there; looking at all the newspaper clippings, the anecdotes, and the many, many hats. Her voice, her presence... just a wonderful experience. I would have gladly skipped Halifax altogether if it meant going straight to Sydney. Sadly we had to go back to Halifax but this time were stayed in a hotel near the airport.
       I greatly recommend going to Nova Scotia. Just avoid Air Canada, the Delta Barrington, and the Four Points Sheraton. Halifax is not that bad and Sydney is wonderful.
       So here we are in October. I cannot say that I won't get back to posting. I've lost interest in telling my sims stories. I am definitely playing the game still but my priorities have changed. Anyway, my cat got her paw stuck in one of my runners just a moment ago. What gets into that beast's head? That is all for now.