Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Love's Twisted Progression

  It never runs smoothly, does it? When we last left off Michelle's fascination with love continued to lead her astray. She'd broken it off with Brooke after that last nightmare but Connor continued to fascinate her. One afternoon she came upstairs to investigate a leaky faucet and discovered something far worse.
 Later that evening she caught up with Connor and decided to have a chat with him. He told her to grow up and find someone more her, shall we say, speed.
The conversation went downhill from there.
 Connor had worked it out with Brooke and didn't want to lose her. He had to end it completely with Michelle - no matter what. So he called her every name in the book and likened her makeup to ground-up rabbit turds.
 Finally he let fly with the nastiest onion breath in the whole Valley. Surely this would drive her away.
The welt on his cheek and the ensuing concussion were worth it.

Michelle decided she needed a bit of a holiday from her tenants and from love in general. Otherwise she knew she'd be tempted to smack him again.

The End?

Saturday, October 15, 2016

What Happened at Zomb Inc.'s Pool Party

 As CEO and President-for-Afterlife it's an honour to announce that Zomb Incorporated just had a pool party to celebrate our brightest luminaries and hardest workers. Here we see Head Sales Rep Bob Deadmore enjoying his successful year in our east Yourtown office. Doesn't that water feel nice, Bob?
 What's the matter, Sheila? Don't be shy! Take a leap in just like you did when you leapt from veggies to fruit trees this year. Record destruction levels - highest record ever for our central office. We're proud of you, Sheila!
 Oh, and here's Paula Rotting in Maintenance. Come on, Paula! This isn't the time for worrying about your back! It's time to dive in and enjoy yourself! Looks like Paula made herself a friend too. Good thing cats don't like water.
 Here's Bob chatting with Paula and Gwen. Looks like Paula's getting ready to join him. Gwen's on our south office board of directors in Yourtown. All those ruined tomato patches and wrecked money trees? Yeah, that was our Gwen.
The party was going great until Earl in Shipping noticed a few warm patches in the pool. Then one of the cats left a gift for him. It wasn't long after that that we heard sirens. So yeah, this pool didn't belong to Gwen like she said. It actually belonged to some very angry plant fiends. So we had to end the party early. Better luck next time, folks!

Murray Dead