Saturday, September 28, 2019

On Saturday

   In my main game I'm playing a family of the absent-minded and I'm trying my best not to delete the whole freaking thing.

    I played one absent-minded sim in the past and they gave me a headache. Try three of them! Mum, Dad, and little Clarence all share that most frustrating of traits. Mother Nann and father Tory bonded over their easily-distracted natures and the game decided to curse me with a third one. I cannot wait until Clarence is old enough to move out and find a lady that does NOT have the trait. Enough with the 'um... debbil dorf?' already!

     As long as Clarence doesn't have a child with absent-mindedness. This has to be the worst trait in TS3. At least, to my gaming style. I like loading up my sims' queue with tasks and sending them on their way. An absent-minded sim just ruins my fun. I know that I could edit them in CAS but I like letting the game decide stuff like that and do the best I can.

    Meanwhile, I read a fascinating book called 'Third girl from the left' about three generations of women and the ways they enjoy their movies. The middle generation left home for Hollywood during the Blaxploitation craze and discovered the 'joys' of playing bit parts. I was reminded of Vic Mignogna's seminal (and freaking hilarious) 'Soldier A'. Nothing funny about this book, however.

     That's all for now.


Saturday, September 21, 2019

A Quiet Man (Finale)

Monks do not live forever, Davis acknowledged as he chatted with his dear friend Sister Janna. She had moved again, this time to the foot of a distant mountain, and rarely got within easy reach of a phone. When she was near a phone, she tried her best to keep in touch with him.

He listened as she spoke fondly of Sunset Valley and of their old friendship. His heart turned to lead as she warned him to seek more solid shelter. At this point, there seemed no reason for him to leave his beloved campground. He was close to the thunderous surf and the constant flow of the tide - surely the day-to-day of a house would keep him away from the ocean and his fishing rod.

Besides, he needed all the time he had to make connections with newcomers to the community. He hung up and curled up in his tent; fondly recalling his past encounters. That time when he'd first found that ancient circle of stones just beyond the valley, his battles with the zombies, and that time, last year, when he and Old Clara had tried their hand at ice dancing.

These memories, more precious than platinum, comforted him as he fell into a deep and delightful slumber. In the morning, his heart light, Davis emerged from his tent to be bathed in all the joys and splendours the world had to present him.

 And thus ends the story of Davis, the Quiet Man.

I hope the two of you who actually read my blog enjoyed this little story. Will I do another one? Plumbob alone knows.

I probably won't for a while as work is well underway. Thank you for your time and have a great day.