Saturday, January 18, 2020


     Nothing like inclement weather and poor road conditions to make one do an inventory of one's canned goods. I consider myself lucky that I only had 3 cans of soup past their expiration dates. One of my cans was still good so I made lunch and will make dinner out of it. Chunky beef barley soup - smelled and tasted okay. Fills me up, anyway. While I'm here, I have to wonder about expiration dates on canned goods.

     Once it's past the date it should be thrown out - better safe than sick - but how far past the date is it okay? I mean, once you get past the date the can's in a grey area and you're doubtless better off throwing it away; suppose it's all you have and you can't get to the store because of of poor road conditions? That or an ICBM came for a visit upwind and you're completely screwed anyway? Like the dude in 'The Day After' said, "Just get the canned goods!" I'm sure 2019 might have been okay but what about 2018? Too far past the date?

     I was already stuck with a churning belly the other day as it is and I'd rather not go through that again. If you plan to go to McDonald's, DO NOT order the spicy chipotle seasoned fries! Anyway, I should go out and clear the snow from my car. Not planning to go anywhere but it's something to do, innit?

    Okay. Here's a bit of Sims stuff.


Monday, January 13, 2020

Either it's a spark or I'm just afraid of getting old

      A million years ago (in the 80s), 2020 was futuristic-sounding. Dwelling upon this year has taken up a considerable amount of my grey matter. In my library I have a bulletin board and I usually post the new releases for the kids. Earlier this year I did a board on Banned Books Week but I decided to start January off with something different.

      I met with the Gr. 6 teachers and called on them to get their students working on questions and predictions for this year. The bulletin board is not yet full up but I should be done by the end of the week. At least, I hope it will happen.

      Other than that, Anne McCaffrey (rest well) should have stuck to Pern. I finished reading 'Changelings', which was her duet with Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. It might make an okay middle school book but I found it to be such a snore. That is about all for now.