Monday, July 30, 2018

I have to make an announcement

Now hear this!

      My cat is a brave and deadly hunter!

     For point of reference, this is my cat.

     She made a triumphant kill this morning around 4. Sadly, she had to wake me to do it. Trilling, meowing, chirping. I'm sure that's what woke me. At first I thought she was just being needy.

    I got the light on and saw her prey - a hapless moth that had somehow gotten into the condo. She jumped after it, swiping the air with her paws.

    After a momentous struggle she trapped it in the bathroom and devoured her prey.

     I managed a few weak cheers and went back to bed. Yeah, I am unappreciative of all her hard work in keeping us both safe from low-flying moths. Right now she's on top of the cupboards having a nap. A well-earned rest, no doubt.


Saturday, July 21, 2018

Gardener Genn

 Gordo was feeling sentimental that evening. Relations between him and the door remained hopelessly doomed but it was time to move on. He'd spent the evening before pondering his future and the things that had made him happy. Now it was time to act.
 He planted a seed he'd found on his doorstep (maybe a gift from his old flame?) and dedicated his time to caring for it.
 During the day, when people were out living their lives, Gordo would stay home with the plant and his newspaper. He read out the sports scores and gave the plant all the details about the Girl on Page 3.
Hard to tell who was blushing more by the end of it.
 At night, before he went to bed, Gordo would get into long monologues over the concept of life, plants, and the girl he'd read about during the day.
And then, it happened. His new companion began to put out lovely little flowers. Gordo rejoiced in his little room; secure in the knowledge that he had a new friend.

The End?