Sunday, January 7, 2018


    I go back to work tomorrow. To be honest I don't have very much to say. The past two weeks were relaxing and great. Yeah, my car battery gave up the ghost over the New Year but that cold snap was heartless. CAA made great business in my neck of the world and I suspect various garages did all right as well. As it stands, I have tentative plans to trade in my ancient wreck for a sleek new set of wheels but that won't be until Spring Break.
    The weather should be lovely for a while but rest assured that there will be another cold snap coming before long. Best to count one's blessings and not worry. Anyway, this is not going to be Sims-related in the least. I am just wandering at this point. I may post a few pics one of these days but I am done telling stories for a while. I got tired of playing families for a while there - I was playing a fairy dude. He's on his way to becoming Emperor of Evil now. I had him adopt a couple of children - one got into crime as well while I moved the other out to start her own life.
     A wizard I was playing as well really got into the ice spell. I had no idea of what might happen if he used the ice blast spell a lot.

       Luckily, the unfortunate people he iced went back to normal on their own. I don't know if this spell can be used to kill anyone and I am not blood-thirsty enough to try.

      I got to see my Memere and Pepere over Christmas Week and today. They are 90 and 92 respectively so I treasure every day I know that they are well and still walking the earth. I lost my Grandpa and Grandma already so I treasure the grandparents I have left. This past year my Pepere's had issues with his heart and I know the end is coming. This is the wrench of hard realities - something Mom and my uncle and aunts have to deal with.
     During dinner on Boxing Day I listened to them as they talked and discussed the future. Memere and Pepere were too tired to attend. That was a scary absence. One day that will be a permanent absence. For now, just count the blessings and pray they last. Anyway, I'm going to stop before I start rambling and getting teary.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Not a Round-Up

    Some news on that glitch. It has not returned, thankfully. My fairy dude has aged to young adult and his forehead looks good. I also was able to trim down his chest hair. I don't know where that came from but everything appears to have worked out.

    Five more school days until the lovely Xmas break. All this month it seems like I have done nothing but move books from their overpacked shelves to nice empty shelves. Nothing is in any order on the other side but at least I have made some progress. Now I just need to get something like 4000 books removed from the system. Okay; maybe not that many but it sure as heck feels like it.
    Where the written word is concerned I continue to read too much. I just finished overdosing on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Forget the deerstalker and the razor-sharp mind - I just finished reading about Brigadier Gerard. I thought it would be something like Sharpe (one does not simply walk into a lengthy series!) but it was not really like that. Gerard is heroic, fearless, devil-may-care, and a fixture in the fictional accounts of the Napoleonic Wars. Still, after reading the complete and unabridged works of this larger-than-life character, I think I could have taken him in smaller doses.

     Now for a mystery. I may post this pic on the EA forum and see if anyone has seen this before. No doubt someone has but I haven't been on the forum very much so I have no idea.

     This is in Appaloosa Valley's graveyard, btw. Has anyone else seen it? If you have, have you heard anything about it?

     And this is what happens when a love charm backfires. I've never tried that charm out. Considering this dude is socially awkward, he needs all the help he can get.
     I probably won't be posting anything else until 2018 now. If I do, great but I know my limits.