Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Being brief

             Howdy do! I've been away for a while, haven't I? I'm still reading and simming like a fiend. I can't even blame work for the absence. I guess I'm just really lazy. Spring break is around the corner and I know I really should post more often. I have lots of delightful bits from the two families I'm playing on TS3.


I had to wonder if you could cook more than just marshmallows over a fire.

Not very appetizing, eh?

           This crone is still very much alive and well. The air-raid siren I call a cat is still very much alive and well (although there are times.... jk). To the two people who actually read my blog, I hope you are still doing very well and that 2019 has been good to you.
           I will see about posting my thoughts on Jung and other things as I've been reading a lot of Jung lately. Or I'll fade into the ether for another 4 months. Anyway, that's all for now.


Sunday, October 21, 2018

The Creepy Side of Life

 Just passing through with a couple of pics that creeped me out or speak of death. These are all Sims-related.

 Ever wonder about that neighbour who just rubs you the wrong way?

Ever get that feeling that someone is watching you from a dark window?

Meanwhile, things are not going very well in the current family I'm playing. Poor Chad, fresh from his old job running the local Aleister's, decided to have a snack from the jelly bean bush.
Yeah, that went well, didn't it?

His ex-girlfriend Andrea pulled him out of Grimmie's grasp and put him to work cleaning cages.

Then Andrea found herself a Philosopher's Stone. Chad had some fun with it. Andrea got jealous and tried her hand.

Poor Andrea. Now only Chad and the birds remain.

I've had the jelly bean death before but the turned to gold death has never happened in my game. I was speechless for some time after it happened.