Monday, July 22, 2019

A Quiet Man (01)

Davis arrived in Sunset Valley with only his dreams and his pup tent. He'd  come from a distant monastery after months of meditation and prayer. His mentor and his fellow monks had given him the tent and a pair of sneakers as farewell gifts. With only a few simoleons to his name he set up in a haunted campground and cooked his first meal in his new home.

His first night was peaceful. He dreamed of his spirit animal - the creature who had summoned him to Sunset Valley.

Its reason for summoning him remained unknown but he was determined to unravel this and many other secrets.

The next day he rose early and went scavenging along the beach for fallen plantains. With bounty in hand he sat down to cook breakfast. Then he set about making the little campground more agreeable. Sadly, its last occupants had failed to show similar due diligence.

As he worked, Davis murmured softly to himself and wondered if his search for his spirit animal would be successful. His fellow monks were certain he'd only last a few months in the Gomorrah that was Sunset Valley. Davis felt strong and content - he was certain that he would not fail himself.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

An Adage

        Being an adult is expensive. My washing machine went up Thames back in May but because of reasons I was only able to get around to getting a new one recently. My dryer is still working but it's as old as the washer (could go any day) and it's usually cheaper to get the pair rather than one now and the other later. My devilish brain cooked up massive dollar signs but getting the pair (plus installation and taxes) is far less than I expected.

       Once I get these units shipped and installed (they take away the old units too!) then I can focus on my bathroom sick. My tap's been down a hole for a while and I'm well overdue to get a new one. And after that gets done I can focus on getting a new compy. Mine is Methuselan to say the least. I want something that will let me play TS3 (obviously) without needing to mess with the infamous 1.69 patch. Apparently Windows 10 is okay with TS3 these days. Or at least, there's a workaround because I am plummed if I am going to waste my life pretending to enjoy myself with TS4.

       Speaking of the Sims, I've been playing TS3 since it came out in 2009 but I do not for the life of me recall ever trying a 'homeless sim' game. So, my dude has a tent, a bonfire, a toilet and sink, and a pond to fish out of. That's about all. I just need to adjust his funds and he's good to go. Maybe I should remove the toilet and sink but I'm not by nature a draconian type. I wonder how he'll do in the winter.

Oh, and here are some random pics of my main family.