Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 years ago... #2

January 25, 2001 evening

Mr. Schneider is relaxing next to me and I am feeling a lot better since my last entry. The book de la semaine is “The Cunning Man” by Robertson Davies and, so far, this book is deserving of ✰✰✰. The man certainly knew what was what. May God be with him, wherever he may be now. “Salem Possessed”, by the way, earns ✰✰✰½, for I felt that it was a trifle too dry for 4 ✰’s. I would have liked some sort of color in the book. “The Cunning Man” has all the color that “Salem Possessed” did not. What was I reading about this time last year? №2 on the latest list. That book that got ✰✰✰✰✰. A fine book, and one that many others have read numerous times. Will I read it again? Perhaps, but a year is just too soon. After all, I did not open that “Californian” book for five years. There was a reason I did not open that book, I guess. Well, I really hate to have to cut this entry down and off. However, there are some things I must do. Until then, SYS!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Music, books, weather, ARGH!

My present literary journey is another grueling foray into Hegel, and this time, while the writing is not as dull, the book seems pretty insurmountable, and I have to have it back in a few days. I swear, after I finish this entry, I'm going to bury myself in Sexsmith and the Arkells and read for a couple of hours. Some people say that Sexsmith is one depressing dude. Not the most photogenic dude around, but certainly not depressing. Been messing around with my satellite radio recently, and thought I had something good with a blues/jazz station, but I couldn't hear the music over the roaring heater. Bitterly cold weather in the 'Peg of late, but the temp actually rose to -18 today, up from -11 (which does not make sense unless we're dealing with what Environment Canada calls an adverse weather trend - I think). At least the blowing snow warning is done. Whew!
The days are getting visibly brighter, and I'm grateful for that. There was a time when I relished walking through the snow in -30 weather, embracing the morning's darkness and the softly falling snow. That was when I rode a bus to get to University. Now I drive and I'm not as grateful for the indigo darkness of a wintry dawn. Been doing a lot of shivering, actually. Meanwhile, I'm trying to get through Peter Kalkavage's 'The logic of desire' and the going is not all that good. The publishing company's name makes me chuckle a little, considering the occasionally arid quality of what I'm reading. Not the fault of Paul Dry Books that this book lives up to the company's name. Have to wonder what kind of fun Mr. Dry went through as a young man. Anyway, I'm trying to get through this study of Hegel's 'Phenomenology of spirit' and it's rubbing me the wrong way for some reason. It's not the quality of the writing or that I'm having a hard time following the logic - I guess my Semi-Buddhist Eyes are focusing nicely these days, and that's the problem.
The consciousness making its way to full and total realization, becoming the self and firmly existing in the world as we know it. Doesn't that fly in the face of all the Buddhism I've studied? That's not what it's all about though, right? If that is what is bothering me, that's not the author's fault. Time to do some reconciling of my feelings. It's also time I got back to reading this behemoth of a book. Ron Sexsmith has reached the second-last track. 'Retriever' is not my favourite album, but I get a kick out of 'Whatever it takes' and 'From now on'. Time to get back to the grind.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

15 years ago... #2

January 7, 1996 — mid-morning
Today is the last day before school. With two weeks away from exams, some fears are rising. But these are small fears; none to worry too much about. I’ve been doing some thinking about what we call yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We all know yesterday to be the days gone by, today as the 24 hours we have now, and tomorrow as the days before us. We also know that yesterday can never be seen again, and that tomorrow becomes today; it can’t be seen in its form as tomorrow. But, in my point of view, today is the time itself. Each second of life is today. Ex. This diary has entries from yesterday. But if we were to think that each word written is a word of yesterday, well, that would make the time between the writing of each word ‘today’. Interesting thought, that. Well, like I said earlier, today is the last day of school. With exams coming up, there is cause to worry, but as I have experience with exams, worry isn’t there. Bad news; while we were in PLAP, on the way home, --- slipped and hurt HER tailbone. Uh Oh! Two hurt tailbones! --- wants to stay home during the week and miss school. Mom says that we’ll take it one day at a time. If --- stays home, I’ll have to stay home as well; --- can’t stay home all by herself. With exams and revising, I’ll be busy; I can’t stay home. It all depends on what Mom says tomorrow. Well . . . SYS!