Sunday, January 9, 2011

15 years ago... #2

January 7, 1996 — mid-morning
Today is the last day before school. With two weeks away from exams, some fears are rising. But these are small fears; none to worry too much about. I’ve been doing some thinking about what we call yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We all know yesterday to be the days gone by, today as the 24 hours we have now, and tomorrow as the days before us. We also know that yesterday can never be seen again, and that tomorrow becomes today; it can’t be seen in its form as tomorrow. But, in my point of view, today is the time itself. Each second of life is today. Ex. This diary has entries from yesterday. But if we were to think that each word written is a word of yesterday, well, that would make the time between the writing of each word ‘today’. Interesting thought, that. Well, like I said earlier, today is the last day of school. With exams coming up, there is cause to worry, but as I have experience with exams, worry isn’t there. Bad news; while we were in PLAP, on the way home, --- slipped and hurt HER tailbone. Uh Oh! Two hurt tailbones! --- wants to stay home during the week and miss school. Mom says that we’ll take it one day at a time. If --- stays home, I’ll have to stay home as well; --- can’t stay home all by herself. With exams and revising, I’ll be busy; I can’t stay home. It all depends on what Mom says tomorrow. Well . . . SYS!

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