Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Picture me with glasses and my hair up weirdly, just like the little koopa him/herself!

Yes, I know this blog has not been updated in a very long time. Sigh.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


             Very soon I'm back to work. The summer has been remarkable for several reasons. A less stressful summer. One that I spent more time reading and gaming and less time fretting.

              The merry spinsters saw some local fauna as well as flora, as the pictures will attest.

               Apologies that I was not really active on the blog front but I had plenty to distract me and when I wasn't distracted I was flat out lazy. Maybe I'll be more active this fall.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Pics or it didn't happen

      It's summertime and the living is reasonable. I know I've been royally distracted of late but with a really cool place to post my shoddy videos and the like (also, I haven't felt a need to write anything here)... sigh.

       The weather has been incredibly humid of late but us merry spinsters are getting by. We even hung out with a special visitor.

      The little one would have like to see our visitor up close and personal but that wasn't going to happen. I posted a video of our encounter with this famous mosquito-hunter and you get to hear the frustration, the longing, in my little one's voice. Then again, for all I know, she's probably telling it all about her day.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Welcoming Thaw

      This wondrous and goodly thing has come at last? If not, at least I can take comfort in the approach of Spring Break. We've had some plus temps this month and the snow is starting to melt. Not fast enough for some people but we need to take care that it doesn't melt too fast. One of the last things we need this May is a flood. Bad enough the outskirts are going to get the mess this Spring (as usual), but we've had enough water this winter as it is. Watermain breaks here and frozen pipes there... yes, this city is more than ready for a nice slow thaw.

       As you can see, even my indoor cat's ready for a change in the weather. Some news if you're interested. After years of withstanding the temptation, I finally broke down and got a YouTube channel. I'll be posting my videos there from now on. If you're looking for something to bore you to tears, look on YT for the Wry Zone - also doing business as WryAlways. I'll keep posting the pictures on here. Pictures like this one.

Later Days!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The winter unending

   Who ever heard of a -49 windchill at the dawn of March? We're supposed to be having a false return to spring garnished with a few blizzards. The weatherfolk promise it's a dry cold that will keep the impending floods at bay this spring but that, to pardon the pun, is cold comfort to even the hardiest winterphile. The fine folks around here are dog people for the most part, and it hurts the heart to see them out there walking their poor pups in such icy circumstances.

    At least my pet's strictly indoor. Perhaps if I weren't so lazy I would have gotten a dog. On the other hand, most of the folks here have more time during their day to walk the dog. If I were to win the lottery that would be another case. Meanwhile, the merry spinsters continue to hang out and try not to get on each other's nerves. At least, one of us is trying....

    I'm continuing with something I messed around with in previous years. I hope to keep it going.
20 years ago...

March 4, 1994
Today when I got home, I was told by my parents that actor John Candy had passed away after having a heart attack. It really shocked me to hear that, I have been a fan of John Candy for a long time. However, his weight was higher than it should have been, the doctors think that’s what caused the heart attack. Not only was this actor very good, he was also a Canadian, and that adds to my sorrow. Needless to say, this has been a sad March the fourth evening Goodbye John Candy, I miss you.

    Later days... and hopefully warmer days!


Sunday, February 9, 2014

While the parents are away

     They left for Mexico this Friday for their yearly two weeks away from the very nasty weather. Yesterday the weather was nice enough but this morning the ruthless windchill returned with a minus 44. It was 20 or better where they are right now. I take comfort in the fact that the snow is giving us a break.

       Neko loves my computer chair for some reason, and many of the pictures I take of her will find her right here, as you can see. She also likes my bed and the futon. One question for the few viewers I have; is she more Burmese than anything else, and which type of Burmese is she? She looks like a British/Oriental over an American one, but I really don't know. It's just something I'd like to know. I'm sure she wouldn't win any contests - not a very nice personality around other cats.

       I apologize that this video is so dark - I like it more for its audio than anything else. Our family cat was a master at purring - you could hear him from the other end of the house. Then again, he was enormous and the purring probably could be felt through the floor. He passed on in June 2012 after almost 15 years of greatness. My sister's cat is not one for purring and I was glad to get a cat that purrs.
      That's all I have for you for now. Hopefully February cuts us some slack and brings us better weather.