Monday, March 24, 2014

The Welcoming Thaw

      This wondrous and goodly thing has come at last? If not, at least I can take comfort in the approach of Spring Break. We've had some plus temps this month and the snow is starting to melt. Not fast enough for some people but we need to take care that it doesn't melt too fast. One of the last things we need this May is a flood. Bad enough the outskirts are going to get the mess this Spring (as usual), but we've had enough water this winter as it is. Watermain breaks here and frozen pipes there... yes, this city is more than ready for a nice slow thaw.

       As you can see, even my indoor cat's ready for a change in the weather. Some news if you're interested. After years of withstanding the temptation, I finally broke down and got a YouTube channel. I'll be posting my videos there from now on. If you're looking for something to bore you to tears, look on YT for the Wry Zone - also doing business as WryAlways. I'll keep posting the pictures on here. Pictures like this one.

Later Days!

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