Saturday, April 16, 2016

Trouble in Suburbia

Welcome to the quiet community of PIFville; where people aren't always that observant. Especially when there's trouble happening right next door.
Glen had a problem. His daughter had just turned fifteen and rebellion was in the air. The two of them shouted and raged over the most insignificant of things but that was as far as it went. Until the incident.
There was a party Kath really wanted to attend. All her friends were going as well as that new guy with the flash car. Only problem; Glen didn't trust guys that had flash cars. He forbade his daughter from going to that party.
In the afternoon, while Glen was out at the barber's, Kath made her escape.
 The party was wild and lots of fun. Kath spent most of the time with her friends and as far away as possible from that group with the 'special treats'. Things were fine until that new guy tried to park his flash car in the kitchen. Terrified, Kath ran for help.
The party was caught on the news and Glen saw everything. His rage when Kath returned was horrific. She never even got to tell him the truth.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Out For a Jog?

Good for you! Studies have shown that jogging is a great way to get fit and have a good time doing it. For some the best time to go for a jog is in the morning when the world is quiet and one can appreciate the silence.
While on the move you have an opportunity to meet interesting people and see amazing sights. Therefore, it's best to keep your eyes open and not to miss your chance - as these lads did.
Remember that this isn't a race to the finish line! Make sure you go at your own pace. People can go around you if they wish. And don't forget to get yourself a good pair of running shoes. Those inclines can be murder on your feet.
Jogging is fun, exciting, and pretty easy to get into. Especially when you have a buddy to go jogging with.

Happy Feet!