Saturday, April 11, 2015

Grief (sims-related)

Toward the final weeks and months of her life, Vivian came to the conclusion that her family was not as fond of her as she wished. Insulted, she fled the family home and roomed with the musical Howie. Over time her heart softened and she found she could still provide words of wisdom to her children.

 Life with Howie occasionally took her through rough waters (especially when he wore that damnable costume!) and one day Vivian made what some might consider a rash declaration.

Her call went to voicemail as the cowl'd one attended to keeping his bag of bones limber...

But before long, he arrived to discharge his sacred duty.

Awash with remorse for that blasted llama business, Howie strove to make amends and do right by his friend.

Many long nights he spent alone in the tub thinking about this whole death thing.

Until one day, while at the gym...

The End

Monday, April 6, 2015

From Beyond the Stars

Unto a lonely man the stars bestowed a boon late one night. Her name was Susie. Delirious with joy the man sought to raise her to the best of his abilities.

The stars, seeing they had done well to bless the young man, sent him a second treasured gift named Cue. From the beginning it was clear to see that there was even rivalry among cherished gifts.

With their father working long days and nights to keep them all fed, the sisters found... ways to entertain themselves.

Then the universe, ever in flux, chose to rebel and rain sorrow and misery upon the hapless world.

First the shadow was seen in the empty spaces and seemed to mean no harm, but then it became clear that its intention spoke of death.

The truth behind the deadly shadow was never fully revealed.

Though it was occasionally suspected.

Who knew what drove them to wreak such havoc that summer?

And who could guess that baseball mattered that much to them?