Friday, August 19, 2016

Clash of Hearts

Funny emotion, love. It can work wonders and bring people close together. This is the story of a young couple and of their wild journey through love's darker precincts. To save money for their own house they moved into the second floor of an old brick house run by a nice older couple - the Kosmokos.
 Mr. Kosmokos was a retired sports star while his wife was a stay-at-home mom. Their two children were in college and the house seemed so empty. While Mr. K jogged several times a day Mrs. K found... other... ways to enjoy her time.
Naturally, it was only a matter of time before Brooke caught her husband in the act. But wait! This is more than a mere love triangle.
 Mrs. K had a little-known secret - one husband and nine (count'em) lovers. And Brooke's hubby Connor wasn't the only lover on the lot, it turned out.
 Feeling vindictive about being caught by her lovers with her husband Mrs. K laid the whole scheme out to Connor. The sheer enormity of how badly he'd been betrayed was enough to wreck his mind.
Her job done Mrs. K left the unhappy couple alone to pick up the pieces.

The End

Thursday, August 4, 2016

We're Adding Value at Zomb Incorporated

Hello and good day! I'm Murray Dead, CEO and President-for-Afterlife of Zomb Incoporated. Our company specializes in wandering around during a full moon, scaring people, and battling the evil forces of plant life. Zomb Inc. is proud to represent the more than 5000 zombies of Yourtown.
The 2016 year has been quite profitable for Zomb Inc. Our scare ratio has increased by 40%, healthy gardens are down by 60%, and customers are extremely pleased with our efforts. It's your comments that we live for and we are constantly grateful to be able to supply you with destroyed gardens and terrified people.
But it hasn't always been easy. We've had to work hard to improve our quality, speed our deliveries, and developing more destroyed plants to meet our customers' needs. Adding value to our product. As they say, it's tough at the top but the result is worth the effort.
Our most diligent workers receive fantastic reward packages. Comfort is our watchword; be it for our customers or for our workers. From our entry level to our board of directors, everyone is eligible to comfort and relaxation.
We have just opened four new offices in Sometown and are looking for bright, inquisitive workers. Zomb Inc. welcomes everyone. Just present your resume at our head office in central Yourtown and get ready for a great new adventure in plant conversion and shambling!