Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 years ago... #2

January 25, 2001 evening

Mr. Schneider is relaxing next to me and I am feeling a lot better since my last entry. The book de la semaine is “The Cunning Man” by Robertson Davies and, so far, this book is deserving of ✰✰✰. The man certainly knew what was what. May God be with him, wherever he may be now. “Salem Possessed”, by the way, earns ✰✰✰½, for I felt that it was a trifle too dry for 4 ✰’s. I would have liked some sort of color in the book. “The Cunning Man” has all the color that “Salem Possessed” did not. What was I reading about this time last year? №2 on the latest list. That book that got ✰✰✰✰✰. A fine book, and one that many others have read numerous times. Will I read it again? Perhaps, but a year is just too soon. After all, I did not open that “Californian” book for five years. There was a reason I did not open that book, I guess. Well, I really hate to have to cut this entry down and off. However, there are some things I must do. Until then, SYS!

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