Friday, May 19, 2017

The Marketing Department

Good evening fleshbags! I am a representative of Zomb. Inc's Marketing department. We'll be canvassing your neighbourhood this week. Do not be alarmed if you see us shambling around.
We are mainly interested in zombie pop culture and were wondering if you were familiar with any of the following. Samuel Beckett? Does he leave you 'Waiting'? Not him! William Shakespeare? Well, all the world's a stage and we are merely shamblers.
We also have a keen interest in later 20th century pop culture. Monty Python, Spitting Image, Red Dwarf - I myself can do a very good Luigi Vercotti. So why don't you open the door and tell me all about your interests in pop culture?
Not interested in pop culture? Well, how about politics? Our corporation is non-partisan so you can bet we can debate with the best of them. Remember; no matter whom you vote for, please vote in whatever elections are out there.
Oh, and did I mention you have a chance to win a prize for taking this questionnaire? We will be drawing six names to attend our upcoming Zombie Dance-Off! Fleshbags are welcome! Surely that's a good enough reason to share your thoughts with us! At least we're looking for thoughts; not the organ the thoughts come from.

The End.

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