Saturday, May 13, 2017

Profile: Merril Dell

The golden ray of sunlight to the right is our Merril. She casts a jaundiced eye upon much of the world around her but for her family, she's nothing but the best kind of gold. On the weekends she can be found in front of the tube going to head-to-head with her sister-in-law Beth.
Today Merril's married and moved out but in the past she lived with her brother and sister-in-law and routinely blasted Beth to 16-bit bits. Her brother Declan admires her skill.
Merril also enjoys rocking with her amp, three chords, the truth, and her bassist baby brother. Here in the family home they practice their duets Thursdays after work. After she married her beloved Reilly she moved out but music and gaming remained important to her.
Mind you, she's not one to suffer fools. Especially not when expecting. Instead of fixing the T.V. her husband decided to be goofy. Small wonder she's so jaundiced!

The End.

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