Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Haunted Residency

For decades the residency had gone untenanted. The stories surrounding it were legion. Everything from a murdered mascot to a despised teacher found dead on the property. The grave itself was forever well-kept and lighted but not a soul would come near it.
Normally there was enough space in the other residencies or in the dormitories. This year the classes were full and space was at a premium. Opal had money enough and a sneaky realtor. She signed her name on the dotted line only to hear the bad news as she moved in. But Opal considered herself to be fearless and moved in without delay. 
 Two nights later, while Opal slept, a scowling young figure appeared amidst the pale shrubs that decorated the humble stone. He was hunched over and withered almost to emaciation. New life stirred within the house! He grimaced hatefully. This could not be borne!
Opal dreamed of snow and stars. She stood outside; gazing upon this glaring form. He snarled at her as he cracked his knuckles. "Go away! You'll eat all the food and I'll have nothing! I'm hungry and you're stealing my food!"
She shuddered, realizing that she was looking at the ghost. "But you're dead! You don't need to eat!"
"My jealous roommate locked me in the bedroom and ate all my food!" He howled skyward. "I can't study, I can't go to my exams; I can't even think without food! Go away and let me have my food!"
Opal shivered - more from fear than from cold. "You can come inside and have supper. I'll cook you anything you want."
"Just go away! I'm hungry!" He roared. Darkness smothered the dream and Opal knew no more.

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