Sunday, March 26, 2017

Healing is a Slow Process

After the storm of his heartbreak had passed Paulus kept to himself for several years. While his wife raised the kids in their house he rented a shack by the water and spent his nights playing pool. He refused to come home; terrified that he might find her in bed with that vile vampire.
Sometimes Delaney, awash with guilt, would send Niamh or Declan over with dinner and a cheque. She knew they had both made mistakes and she could at least start making up in some way.
One evening he met the kids not far from his shack and said, his voice thick with tears. "I'm ready to come home now."
 Paulus and Delaney still slept in separate beds for another five years after that. It was only after a great deal of counselling and the fact that Allan was arrested and sent to prison for attempted murder, arson, and trying to bomb City Hall that Paulus felt he could start trusting his wife.
 Now retired, Paulus works on his memoirs while Delaney checks up on the children. They've all moved out and are living their own lives. She worries especially about Declan, who still doesn't know what he wants to do with himself and Niamh, who's career in street magic isn't doing that well.
Today, when not cooking family dinners and going for walks together, Paulus and Delaney enjoy each other's company and cruising on electric skateboards.

The End.

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