Thursday, November 26, 2015

Unhappy Hearts (A sad Ficus story)

When she and Regina exchanged rings and passionate embraces Flo never expected to spend her nights alone in a cold bed. Perhaps she should have seen it coming, considering how dedicated Regina was to her job. The adoption plans were in motion and someday Flo would have someone else to cuddle and love.
Regina worked nights; it was as simple as that. Sometimes she was gone all night and came home disheveled and grumpy but Flo understood that. As far as Flo knew, her beloved worked the phones at a brokerage firm uptown and had to keep weird hours. Surely that was the truth... wasn't it?
What Flo couldn't understand was the distrust Regina's sisters and brothers felt toward her. It seemed that whenever she mentioned Regina to them their faces hardened and their mouths clamped shut like traps. They were polite and friendly to a fault with her but they would not talk about Regina with her.
 One afternoon Flo's sister-in-law brought home her new boyfriend. Aldus was every inch a southern gent - sexy, witty, and blessed with hands as warm as his heart. Compared to the lonely nights in her cold, cold bed, this was something Flo felt she could get used to.
It was fun - at first. Regina continued to 'work the phones' every night while Flo and Aldus enjoyed each other's company. The rest of the clan just accepted this turn of events as just another skeleton they needed to keep buried in their gargantuan vault. All save one member of the clan.
Robyn could see the slow change these enjoyments were having on Aldus and decided she needed to move quickly to keep them from becoming permanent. The rest of the clan admitted she could have made her move in a much less conspicuous fashion.

To Be Continued...?

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