Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Officer Ficus's Greatest Mission

The alarm went off at Intrepid HQ. There was something rotten happening in the world. Captain Bloomers ran the numbers and determined the best agent for the job.
The call went out to... Officer Ficus; the paragon of policemen, the most valiant of vampires, and the most ramrod of bareback riders.
 "Supervillain King Nut spotted near Little Pyramid. Officer Ficus, you are hereby commanded to report to your contact in Al Simhara and bring the villain to justice. This message will need to be recycled."
Officer Ficus kissed his secretary goodbye and set off for the airport.
 Arriving in a small town west of Little Pyramid Officer Ficus found his contact. The dastardly supervillain had escaped into the pyramid and had barricaded himself behind a wall of sarcophagi. Officer Ficus donned his zinc oxide lotion and went to the Little Pyramid.
 After some thought and study Officer Ficus recalled that King Nut was of a fastidious nature and despised a messy floor. He got to work executing his plan. Soon the terrible supervillain came clamouring out from his refuge to rage over the abominable mess on his foyer.
 After a nasty exchange of curses the mummy chased Vampire Cop out into the sun, hoping to destroy him. The blazing heat quickly consumed the supervillain and that was the end of King Nut's reign of terror. He was buried in a small plasmafruit garden in Al Simhara.
Back home it was nearly Festivus and Officer Ficus, armed with a shiny medal and tons of accolades, returned home. That night the plasma flowed freely.

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