Sunday, November 1, 2015

Malevolent Hydrology

Good evening. On the last episode we discussed the frightening Mr. Tub and his gang of hydrological terrors. Tonight we shift our focus to a cousin species with its own horrors. Tonight we focus on... the pool!
 (Geez guys! How many times do I have to tell you? Wrong kind of pool!) Sound of slides being shifted in the machine (Where is it! Here, pass it here! Hurry!)
 As I was saying, the pool is as much of a threat to hydrophobes as the tub is. In this slide we see a terrified young man - his hair's turned green he's so scared - one of the pool's traditional victims.
 But many pools have certain extraordinary powers beyond the reach of tubs. Here we see two more victims. Witness reports say that they were human before they entered the pool. As you can see, they have been changed into dogs. Luckily the effect wore off within hours.

 For others the damage is merely to the dignity. This unfortunate fellow entered the water and five seconds later his trunks went missing. This was probably a more playful version of the species.
 This capricious behaviour makes the pool into less of a danger and more of a fun time for the hardier, braver sort. This young lady, as you can see, fearlessly slides into the mysterious depths.

This concludes tonight's episode. Remember that the pool, like the tub, can be a dangerous time if you aren't prepared. It's best to be prepared like this young lady just in case you find yourself dealing with... Malevolent Hydrology.

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