Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Ended Too Soon

Flo's chance for revenge came a few weeks later. The carnage was terrible and Robyn was in the hospital for close to a month. Flo served two years for assault and for having purple hair. Her family sighed and got the closet ready for another skeleton.
Life behind bars turned Flo's mauve tresses pale grey and on her return to normalcy she found Regina had retired. Matters between the two women had soured further since Flo had gone to jail - especially when she learned the truth about Regina's nighttime career. It made sharing the bedroom nigh-impossible.
Regina had her own burdens to bear. She'd been forcibly retired and memories of her criminal past were waking her up late in the night. Many nights she wept at her mother's grave, wondering if she'd ever be happy again. Could she bring herself to forgive Flo and be forgiven in return?
After another sleepless night Regina was the first to come forward and begin to make amends. It took some time but eventually the miseries of the past were forgotten like yesterday's chili.
Living the retired life was better than the couple had ever thought. Flo spent her time on the dozen DIY plans she'd figured out while behind bars while Regina kept the First Aid kit fully stocked. They celebrated 45 years together with the rest of the Ficus clan celebrating around them. Except for Robyn, for reasons that may be obvious.
But the criminal element has a long memory. Regina and Flo's happiness came to a tragic end one sun-drenched afternoon. And there were no witnesses... save for one jade-haired old woman wearing a crown of flowers.

The End

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