Sunday, March 9, 2008

Learning how was the easy part

I graduated from my Library tech. course almost a year ago. I work in a school library right now and I received my performance review the other day. What a thumping! I knew that there were things I need to work on, but I read my review feeling nothing but resentment and disillusionment.
Things I was not trained on and had no previous experience with; it was expected that I should know everything about these things. It seems there is no room for error there. I am not by nature an extrovert, and being out there is not in my makeup. Nevertheless, I was penalized for not taking the initative and establishing a rapport with the students. My immediate boss seems to expect perfection from me. Doing the best I can with what I have does not seem to be enough.
The tech. I replaced has been one for close to 20 years. It seems that my boss expects me to have the same skills and finesse as my predecessor does.
I could go into specifics, but I think I've said all that needs saying. Anyway, I have to book a meeting with the principal tomorrow to discuss my review and the comments I plan to write, and believe me, I do have some comments to write. It is not right for them to expect me to be a carbon copy of my predecessor. All I can do is, and if that does not suffice with them, then they will have to let me go so I can find a job with another school or in another library setting.
I had a feeling that the school system might not be the best place for me. Perhaps I was more right than I knew.

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