Sunday, March 23, 2008

Born by Bourne

First of all, HAPPY EASTER!
Now for the real reason I'm posting. "The Bourne Identity", while not the most incredible book I've ever read, did get my mental juices flowing. Amnesiacs like Bourne (sorry to be spoiling) try their very hardest to get their memories back - in Bourne's case, getting his memories back was a matter of life and death - and the course is not always easy. However, amnesia is sometimes more than losing your memory - sometimes you lose your complete identity. In my opinion, ID is connected to one's memories. For Bourne, who changes appearences and identities all the time, losing the core identity had to be very frustrating.
Anyway, I started looking at this concept with semi-Buddhist eyes and it got me thinking about the ID being connected to EGO, which is something devout Buddhists want very much to lose. If you do not have a sense of identity, you're in danger of losing yourself. Amnesiacs usually want their memories - ergo their identities - back no matter how bad the ID is. Some people want to forget their pasts and their lives, while amnesiacs want to remember. Perhaps it would be better to not want to regain one's memory - their EGO - should it be lost due to amnesia. Of course, there's a chance the memories would come back, so the EGO wouldn't really be dissolved, just hidden under more ignorance. (I am not a Buddhist; anyone who is - if you want to correct me, be my guest.)
Say I lost my memory and therefore my identity. I would have my journals at hand so I could at least gain a sense of what kind of person I am or was. I wonder what I would think of myself. This is all armchair speculation, but it might be worthwhile to be able to sort of stand outside and look in. I already do that when I read through past diaries I've filled. I guess it all depends on how serious I was to lose the EGO. Amazing what thoughts books can dredge up. At least I'm going to stay away from Ludlum for a while.

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