Sunday, March 16, 2008

Impressed by Ludlum

Like everyone else who has cable, I've heard of the Bourne series by Robert Ludlum. Unlike most people, I have yet to watch Matt Damon in action. I'm of the school that believes one should read the book before watching the movie, so I went looking for 'The Bourne Identity' at the library. All copies are in use, but I came across a trio of Ludlum's books and decided to give it a go. The first book in this massive set is 'The Holcroft Covenant', and concerns a very terrifying premise - terrifying and yet fascinating. I enjoyed reading it, as I also enjoyed 'The Matarese Circle'. Being something of a writer myself, I try to not just read the story, but look at what other writers have done.
Let me repeat what others have probably said a thousand times before; Robert Ludlum is a remarkable writer. He digs deep into the psyche and dredges up images of perversion and resigned determination like not many others can. I've never really been into political thrillers before, but I think Ludlum has turned me around. I use the term 'impressed' in more ways than one, for this guy has opened my eyes at how easily a person's ideals can be warped and perverted to serve ulterior motives. Sad and frightening, but there are living and breathing people out there who have such skills as the ones Ludlum writes about in these two books, and these people do exactly what he portrays them as doing.
The third book in this trio is none other than 'The Bourne Identity', and I am greatly anticipating reading this one. I need nobody sending me info to spoil the anticipation. Once I've read 'The Bourne Identity', I can go out and rent Matt Damon's take on Jason Bourne. Without a doubt, I do intend to read more of Ludlum's works.

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