Thursday, April 19, 2018

Aliens, Books, and something that starts with C?

Nah. I don't have anything worth talking about that starts with C but I was feeling alphabetic and I just wanted a title that kinda worked. Anyway, here we are on a fine Thursday evening. It's an inservice tomorrow and I should have two EAs helping me out at work alphabetizing the fiction collection. A novel idea, eh? Feel free to throw whatever squishy ammo at me that you have at hand. I love middle school kids - I can throw bad pun after bad pun and all they can do is groan. It's a fine gig if you can get it.

Aliens in TS2 are so easy to get compared to TS3. Just have a dude use the big telescope and E.T.'s yer uncle. TS3... alien nooboos are hard to come by. Those two fans of mine - if you have any suggestions for me to increase the chances please let me know. I just started messing around with mods (of the NRAAS variety) so if there's anything in there that might help I would love to hear about it.

So. Aliens.

Meanwhile, I just finished a lovely book about a family's year in Rome. One of the lib techs has as her signature the saying that Rome requires more than one lifetime to discover. Based on Anthony Doerr's delightful book 'Four seasons in Rome', I think the adage is correct. Not that I have the money or the time to make such a journey. I am also very Canadian (i.e. cheap). Anyway, I found the book slow going at first but loved it toward the end. Very highly recommended.

The weekend should be a little hectic but at least the weather is looking promising. We have finally reached double-digits in the temps. It had to happen one day, right?


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