Monday, April 9, 2018

Books, the weather, and a question.

   Meet the Yorkshire Kid. Today he's got a message for Lauryl Park-West.

"You think you're that 'ard? Chinny reckon! Come 'ere and I'll gizza one good braying! I'll take tha missen wi' one 'and behind my back! I'll 'ave yer guts for garters! Come 'ere, pillock! Let's 'ave it owt and I'll get thee sorted! Won't be nowt left of thee after I've done thee up a treat!"

Okay, okay. Enough of that. Go to your room, Yorkshire Kid.

"No need to skrike at me, mate! Just 'aving a laugh. No need to 'ave a monk on wi' me. Tarra, Lauryl. Tha's a reet lass."

Ta, our Yorkshire Kid. Now for a semi-serious question for the Mares.

We all know about Lauryl but who's the blond dude she's always posing with? I've never seen a post explaining his place. Probably just a dumb blond or maybe a mysterious sibling Lauryl keeps hidden in the bunker. Just curious.

Meanwhile, the weather continues to be colder than it should be. April is here and May is not far away. This weather needs to start behaving itself. On the Literary Front, I blazed through a couple of books this weekend and am planning to start 'Black house' by King and Straub. I've known about this book for some time but have never read it. This being crafted by two of the big names in horror I think I will read it on what I call 'Stephen King hours'. Any later than 7 P.M. I stop reading.

That is all for now.


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