Sunday, February 25, 2018

Misc. Post

      This is not sims-related. Just letting the two of you know. 😉 Anyway, February is almost over and the great month of March with its most blessed Spring Break is just around the corner. As always, I find myself wondering where this school year has gone. My mom's been in Texas since last Monday but she's back tomorrow night. I have to wonder how hot it was down there. It didn't look that hot on the forecast when she was packing her bag for the trip.
      I am currently listening to Lucinda Williams. She rocked it at The Fillmore and I have the two CD live arrangement. Call me old-fashioned but I like having something physical in my hands and in my disc drive. She reminds me of Neil Young for reasons that may be obvious. Maybe a bit of Jann Arden as well.

     Anyway, time to resurrect something that I have not posted for a long while. Also, did you know that it has been ten years since I started this blog? You two can boogie and get down at home. 👌 So, for my part, here is a blast from the past.

March 14, 1998 morning
I have been an adult for two days now. What can I possibly say about being an adult? I shouldnt pan adulthood, as I have only been one for the past two days. However, as everyone has an opinion, here comes my attack on the adult world. Life is all wrong; blame the mover and shaker adults, for they control our world. Unfair taxes? The politicians (adults) are to blame. Right now, we are hearing stories and things of rowdy, unruly, youths harming all. These youths had some direction by . . . adults. Of course, there are adults who do not cause pain. I respect a number of adults (who?) should be commended for their excellent duties in life. My parents and teachers from the past thirteen years. Showing me how to live and react properly. Blessed be my amazing parents and teachers! My interview was a disaster! Now, onto greener pastures. Cats are truly amazing creatures! Most independent and cool of the food chain, cats are clever and wise. Some stories proclaim that cats are telepathic. I dont know if Mr. Schneider is telepathic. I do know that he is an amazing cat! I love cats, and Im sure that Mr. S loves me and my family. Well, time to close for a spell. SYS! Mr. S. B is a cool cat!

     Twenty years or so. Where did all that wonderful time go? I knew there was a reason I kept my diary around. That is all for now.


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