Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Looks like summer's come early. Hopefully these last couple of days are only just the beginning, and not the end of summer, as it has been in previous years. It isn't that rain is unwelcome - it's just that having days of rain and cool weather in July and August can be wearing. At any rate, I've needed the AC in the apartment and definitely could use the AC at work. Very hot in the library these days, and opening the windows does nothing. The May long-weekend is closing in, which surprises me (surprised at how close it is already - time flies when one's having fun) every time I think about it. I've got plans for the long weekend, but nothing overly spectacular. I'll probably do some shopping (assuming the weather isn't unbearably hot) and clinging to my beloved AC (assuming the weather IS unbearably hot). With the coming of Victoria Day, the WPL's back to closing on Saturday, which can be annoying for those who can't get to their local library during the week.
I'm getting lots of reading done lately. Halfway through Chaucer's 'Canterbury Tales' and I'm starting upon 'Mariel of Redwall'. Reminds me of all the wonderful books I missed growing up because I was foolishly immersed in Shakespeare and the like. Part of growing up too fast, I guess. No big loss, since I'm catching up now. Brian Jacques is a pretty good writer. Thousands of kids cannot be wrong, right? I've been recommending the Redwall series to anyone who will listen. Reminds me of the Duncton series by W. Horwood. I've never read 'Watership Downs', but I suspect that anyone who loved that book will enjoy the Redwall series. Kenneth Oppel's 'Darkwing', 'Sunwing', and other books are similar in concept as well. My folly that I have yet to read Oppel's series. Lots of catching up to do, eh?
All part of my plan for the summer. Reading, relaxing, and saving money for the future. Sounds boring, but one day I might have enough money saved for something REALLY incredible. I've been on an India kick lately (MAHABHARATA!) so that's where my thoughts have been. India's expensive, though. I've checked already, and such a trip would break the bank for sure. One day it'll happen. I'm feeling optimistic right now about it. Anyway, that's what's going around in my head for the time being. BYE.

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