Monday, May 31, 2010

Not standing corrected... yet

I'm reading 'Farther shores' by Dr. Y. Kason, which concerns mystical experiences and how they can change one's life. I'm skeptical about anything I consider 'New Age', and at first blush, this book screamed 'New Age' at me. I never gave much thought to Near-Death Experiences, which Kason suggests are as much a mystical experience as astral travelling or attaining Enlightenment. To the best of my knowledge, I have never had a mystical experience in this life, and I am a complete agnostic on such matters. To put it bluntly, I know naught about it! However, this book, like so many I have read, eagerly contributes to the pile of things I know little about but would like to know more about. Amazing what you can find when you type in the keyword 'Kundalini' in the WPL catalogue. I first heard about Kundalini Yoga while watching 'Insight into Sikhism', and wanted to learn more. So here I am, reading about matters relating to Kundalini, to the body's chakras, etc....
While I've never had a Near-Death Experience, there are some facets of the mystical experience that I have known in the past. Not too many, but enough to make me think. Now, if I really believed in this business, I might start into meditation and the like, trying to stimulate my chakras and get the energy flowing. For some reason, while the concept of the chakras is completely acceptable, whenever I think about it, something in my head screams 'New Age gobbeldygook!' This is why I will probably never completely immerse myself in this or that religion. Too skeptical for such an undertaking (not really trusting in others, either, but that's beside the point). I'll need to do a lot more examination, both upon the concepts and upon my own murky mass of faults and virtues before I make any real decision.
Neither hot nor cold, and didn't the New Testament's J.C. say something about people who were neither hot nor cold? Well, I guess I'm headed for Purgatory, but I'm totally okay with that. Of course, that's assuming I wind up back on the Christian path in the last years of my life, which could happen. Meanwhile, I'm going to continue to read this book and try to tell the skeptic in my head to shut up. BYE.

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