Saturday, January 9, 2010

I give you, the weekend

Very cold weather has hit Winnipeg over the past week. Snow seems to be falling on every big city in the world. England even got more than its fair share of Winter this year. It's times like these when perspective plays a huge role. Canadians (especially 'Peggers) shook their heads mockingly as the Brits lamented and bewailed their plight, while the kids had a snow day and lots of fun with the snow. Worst Winter in 30 years, the headlines said. We in Canada would call that December, or January, or February, or March... or May. It has happened before and it may happen again. I remember when Toronto called out the army when they got snowed under. 'Peggers again shook their heads and snorted derisively. To this day, 'Peggers still chuckle as they recall how pitiful Toronto was. Things are a little different for England, however. This is a nation more used to rain and fog as their winterscenes. Besides, shovelling is a real pain for anyone.
I forgot to plug my car in last night, so hopefully it will start when I head out into the world today. I'm listening to John Lennon this morning. #9 Dream, to be precise. I guess it's as good a title for a song as anything. Ah bawakawa pousse pousse, indeed! It will be thirty years this December since the man himself was ushered into his next life. He could be anyone or anything that walks this planet today. But enough meandering through reincarnation and rebirth. I'm reading about Tibetan Buddhism, so I may go off on such tangents. I've been duelling with doubts and worries this past week (quelle surprise!), and I'm hoping this will pass before long. I do this way too much, I think. Could it bring me a heart attack someday? Hope not, but so be it if it does.
I guess that's all I have to say. BYE.

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