Friday, January 22, 2010

Closing it down

I'm movin' up in the world! The division accepted my request for a transfer to a middle school the week before last. That's not the real reason for my posting this evening, though. The local laminator is a little messed up, and now everyone's smelling the nastiness of burning plastic. That contraption and I do not co-exist well in the workplace, but changing it and maintaining it is one of my duties. I don't know when someone last cleared the gunk from the heat rollers on that thing, but I suspect all that gunk probably jammed up one of its sensors. This particular model usually takes 15 mins. to heat up, only it was over 25 mins. today and it continued to heat up. Then came the (ugggh) stench of burning plastic as smoke (or steam -- the jury is still out) started wafting up from the heat rollers. This happened the other day as well, but now the plastic is all messed up on the rollers. This laminator is offline!
I got in touch with the local service company, and man, is the price for the guy just walking through the door steep! I know laminators ain't cheap, but WOW! And then it's additional for the parts. Almost as nauseating as the stench of burning plastic. So that was my day today. After some conferring, it was decided that the service guy needed to come through the door and have a look at the mess. He'll be in next week. I'm relieved, to be sure. I did not want my parting act to have the flavour of 'burn in...' That phrase went through my head over the last couple of days whenever I thought about that miserable laminator. Things will be (hopefully) taken care of before I make my switch.
I am going to miss those kids (and the staff as well). But I've got a whole bunch of new kids to look forward to. I guess that's about all for now. I'm reading Hegel and trying to make sense of it. Now it's time for the weekend. BYE.

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