Saturday, January 2, 2010

Fresh paper!

Another diary filled, another diary in waiting. Makes me wonder if there's a record for longest time someone's kept a diary. Only the minds at Guinness would know for sure. I'm closing in on the 20 year mark, assuming I've done the math correctly. Let's see... I received my first diary for Xmas 1992 and really started writing in it in 1994... it's 2010 now.... Assuming I start with 1994, it has been 15 years since I got to scribbling. I was hoping to post a little something from that first journal into this post. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find the flash drive that has all that memorial goodness. Also, my PC doesn't have Corel Word Perfect (my laptop does, but I don't have the Internet on my laptop). I'll find a way to put some ancient scribbles up on to this blog one day. I guess I could post from my parents' house... they've got Corel.
Oh well. In the meantime, I've started reading 'Indestructible truth' for the 3rd time. I've got a system (like many anal folks do) for books I like. I've got two lists going (books to reread in a year; books to reread in two years). I just don't have a third list started. Maybe I should. Call it 'books to purchase' so I'm not always going to the library. Of course, if I can't purchase the book, then maybe I could put it back on the Two Years list. Just me mumbling o'er meaningless matters. I'm also working through 'Classics of Philosophy', which has over 1000 pages. I'm close to halfway, and this time, I will not give up until I've come to the end of it. Then I have to decide whether it's worth keeping or giving to CD. Somebody's going to want this behemoth of a book.
I dug out my Mp3 player today. Busy charging it. I'm never sure when it's completely ready to go. I also have to fill it up with music again. And then there's my new diary. I like to wonder when I'll have it filled. It's fairly slim, so I'm going to guess that it will be full by the end of 2010. If it makes it to 2011, I'll be surprised.
That's it, that's all. There ain't no more. BYE.

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