Saturday, October 10, 2009

A well-balanced diet

The mind comes up with many things while hands and feet are driving. Sometimes strange, sometimes deep. I had an attack of the deep while driving from work to visit my folks. I was working out karma in my head yesterday afternoon. I'm sure others have said the same, and that I'm not saying anything new, but for the soul to attain Nirvana, the karma has to be perfectly balanced. Any tipping on the good or the bad and rebirth is assured. Too much bad and the soul is reborn an animal, a hungry ghost, a demon, or a citizen of Hell. Too much good and the soul is reborn a jealous god (angel, maybe?) or a god. I'm suggesting that being reborn as a god is no better than being reborn as a demon. Both are states of complete and total ignorance, and can only end once the karmic excess is worked off. This is pretty deep stuff, and what's even more suprising, I haven't been reading much Buddhist material lately. Just my semi-Buddhist-eyes looking within, I guess.
Just a digression before I go on: For all I know, I could be completely and totally wrong. Do not take anything I say as gospel. Okay, moving right along.... Once the scales are totally balanced, the soul is born a human and attainment is possible, but only by keeping the scales balanced in the human life. Right actions (thought/word/deed) and so forth. Of course, this is rarely easy, so the scales can get unbalanced pretty quickly, which usually ends up in another rebirth. Based on one's karma, this next life might be human, and might be better or worse than the last one. One might need a few lifetimes to make up for one where the soul is a demon or a citizen of Hell. There are just too many karmic threads and twists to determine how it all works. It would be nice to know how it works, but that's just going to have to wait for another time.
In the meantime, Thanksgiving is just around the corner here in Canada, and I'm gearing up for an amazingly full belly and enough turkey to last for days. My sister loves turkey, so between her and my dad, that bird should be gone by Tuesday. Maybe. Thanksgiving Monday the schools are closed. Three-day weekend! Something indeed to feel thankful for. I may post an entry on Monday saying what I'm grateful for, but I'm not sure yet. The folks south of the border have to wait another month for their fully-loaded turkey with all the trimmings. Nyah-nyah! Okay, I think I'm done for now. BYE.

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