Sunday, October 25, 2009

Goals... so far

Been thinking about my goals for the future, and I'm coming to the conclusion that condo is the way to go, but not for a couple of years. Once I've paid off my car, which won't happen for another couple of years, I'll look toward getting a mortgage and my own little condo unit. Feeling so mature at this point, which is rather amusing to me. For now, I'm just going to continue with my brand new lease (sublet no more) and keep paying down my car. I broke 11,000 kms the other day, so, when I do the math, I should hit 100,000 kms in another nine years. I suspect I'll have moved on to another car by then. Assuming hybrids have gone down in price in the next five years. Geez, I'm feeling like such an adult right now. Hopefully that feeling will go away before long.
Had a conversation with my amazing Dad about condos, houses, and apartments. Vacancy rate here in Winnipeg is 1%, but that is going to change, what with all the seniors complexes going up all the time. My wonderful Grandpa lives in one such complex, and there are 60-some people waiting to get into that building (and the three or four like it). That means that 60 houses, condos, and apartments will be going on the market before long. This thought sort've cheered me up, but it made me wonder if there are just too many people alive on the planet today. I know that probably sounds a little negative, but it's how I feel today (and have for the last year or so).
I finished reading Joyce Milgaard's book 'A mother's story' the other day for the third time. I think I'm done with that book now, having looked through it three times over the last few years. It was part of my 'Two Year List', and now I'm done with it. I have yet to start a 'Five Year List', but I highly doubt I'll need to start such a list. Unless 'Indestructible truth' blows me away so much that I feel I need to revisit it in 5 years. I suppose such could happen, but that would leave me with three ongoing lists. I suspect this five year list would be much shorter than either of the other two lists, but no need to cross that bridge until I come to it.
Reading 'Inkspell' right now. Darn Funke! I can't put this book down for long! Taking a break just to mess around in my blog, but I'll be going back to it ASAP. Darn! Okay, this meaningless drivel is done for the week. Maybe I'll have something useful to share with you next time. BYE.

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