Monday, September 28, 2009

2 months in...

On the 1st of October, it will be two months since I moved into my new digs. Surprisingly, I'm still alive and kicking. Lots of introspection, reading, and surfing the Web has ensued over the last couple of months, and I expect there will be more introspection and reading to come. Do not imagine that I'm dying for lack of someone to talk with. Introversion has been good to me that way. If I had been gifted with extroversion, I'd be doomed to madness. Scratching my pen on the page and simple chats with acquaintances and co-workers seem to fill the void for me. Then again, I have a wonderful family who endures my visits for supper every other day. If not for them, I would be in a more difficult place, I figure. At least where nourishment is concerned. I just had supper catered by Subway (the healthy choice, at least). Easy enough when you're just one person.
Meanwhile, I'm trying to get through a critique of the works of Ezra Pound and am musing about Soujourner Truth. I first came across these two poets while at the UofW and I was in an English course with a Poetry flavour. Not my favourite course, to be honest. Kinda turned me off of majoring in English. Religious Studies was, in the end, the better choice, for it's lead me into some wicked introspection over the years. Speaking of Pound, I'm trying to read 'Poet in exile' right now, and am not sure how I feel about it. Maybe if I sought to be more interested in it.... I'm also listening to Jann Arden right now. That reminds me that I haven't mentioned what I've been listening to in the car lately. Alternative stations on Sirius. Gives me enough R.E.M. and New Order to keep my brain busy while I'm driving.
Getting back to books... Scholastic has been upping the price and lowering the quality on their book fairs, so the principal and I are looking for alternatives. Usborne looks promising, but we'll see. So, I guess that's about all for the time being. BYE.

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