Sunday, September 20, 2009

Planning it out

Just finished watching 'Uncle Buck' this evening, and realized it was time to update my blog. So here I go.... This is my second year working at my schools, and I know I've been floating, more or less, from one situation to another. Being more reactive than proactive, and while that's okay, it could be better. So now I'm faced with one major assignment; prepare goals for my year. The teachers have to do it; why should I be any different? No teacher, I, but we're all both students and teachers. The kids can teach just as well as the adults (not the same lessons, but why should there be any repetition?). Meanwhile, I need to think about my goals for the second year. Inventory, my bugbear, needs to be done, but I'm hoping to get that figured out. It might not seem so intense to my cohorts in the division, but I well recall the mess I made in my previous place.
It would be better to figure out how to properly do an inventory. Then there's the weeding and purchasing. Stuff going out and coming in. Transitions always. And then there's the increased rapport between me and the kids. I've got some thoughts about that, which I am going to share with my own diary before I announce them to the two or three people who accidentally come straggling across this blog. Still, it's better that I do establish and maintain a somewhat deeper rapport with the students. Be there as much as possible, you might say. Some kids, because of their own problems, are much harder to reach, but it's better to do what I can than do nothing at all. Why stand on the sidelines and just watch?
Meanwhile, as far as PD is concerned, I've got something planned for October. A SAG meeting thingie where I'll go and learn about libraries and Web. 2.0. Should be very intriguing. Free lunch... can't complain. In my personal life, I'm starting on 'A midsummer night's dream' by the Immortal Bard. Now I'd like to read something by the Venerable Bede. New forays constantly await. I finished reading a book about reincarnation. It's happening all the time, but the book didn't really tell me anything. Yeah, books can't talk. YUK YUK YUK. I guess I should keep digging. Well, that's my update. Later days.

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