Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I took possession of my apartment August 1 and my bed moved in on August 3. Since then I've been exploring my new lair and surroundings. I live in an area called Charleswood (amazing this link actually exists!) and there ARE unpaved roads and ditches galore. Just recently, the city laid down some fresh gravel on one of the streets I use quite a bit. It's refreshing after the massive subdivisions I'm used to. In the past few days, I've found a Subway, a couple of supermarkets, and the nearest library. What a tiny library it is! I usually place holds online and then go into the library just to do a quick book exchange, so I may not have a look at the whole place for a long while. It felt weird walking into another library and leaving my home-away-from-homestead for good.
Living the apartment experience has been very interesting. Learning the ins and outs of cooking, as well as getting used to a different stove and different appliances has been fun. It's also all about keeping busy. I opted not to have a TV in my new lair. Internet, yes, but not cable. We shall see how long this lasts. My diary has seen a lot of action. So have the computer games I play. The Internet has also seen a lot of action. I fear I haven't done as much reading as I would like, but the book I'm currently reading is leaving me to scratch my head. Heidegger's 'What is a thing?'... how to explain this book? I'll do it another time.
Getting a new postal code and giving out a new phone number has been interesting as well. It's amazing how many organizations rely on one postal code. Even the library relies on the postal code. It's a different experience. Well, I'd best be running along. Heidegger needs my attention. There will be more about the apartment later. BYE.

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