Monday, August 17, 2009

Fill'er up!

Delving through earlier diaries yields a wealth of info. Diary #7 (2004-2006) brought me into contact with 2005, which was a rather tumultuous year on both a personal level and on a global level. I usually addressed the personal much more than the global in these pages, but events like the passing of His Holiness John Paul II needed recording no matter what. Other passings like that of Terri Schiavo and Peter Jennings were duly recorded as well. One passing that struck hard on a personal level was that of my Grandma, and this journal is full of ominous and sometimes disgusting and disquieting dreams both before and after her death. I didn't know why I was having so many grim dreams, but I'm willing to suggest that my psyche was just dealing with her passing as best it could.
2005 was also a year of great change (again on a personal level), for that was the year I started my Library and Information Tech. course at RRC, which welcomed me into a world of possibilities and eventually led to my present job. I am very grateful for what I learned from that course. There were also many fascinating books mentioned in this diary. Among literary journeys that I took, I mentioned the excellently ponderous 8-part bio of Winston Churchill by Martin Gilbert (started by WSC's son Randolph, only he died after finishing the first book), as well as the complete Arden Shakespeare, which I completed in February 2006 after two years of on and off attention. I should kill a couple more years and try that list again. Give my weird mind something to chew on.
The 2006 Olympics in Turin also came under my scrutiny, and I praised Cindy Klassen highly for her exploits. The next Winter Olympics won't happen until 2010, which isn't that far away anymore. Have the Men's Team Canada been working their hardest? They didn't do all that well in 2006, according to my journal. Looking through these pages, I have come to the conclusion that although I recorded quite a bit, I don't think I was as thorough as I am now. There are fewer gaps between entries in my present journal. I also pay less attention to my dreams these days. I do recall my dreams, but they don't seem to find their way into my journal. Maybe I've been more introspective in my most recent diary. A little navel-gazing never hurt anyone, right?
I guess this post is coming to an end. Perhaps, in 2014, I'll go looking back again and be astounded at the stuff I came up with. By 2014, it will have been 20 years since I got to writing in journals with any regularity. Fascinating stuff? Hmmmmm.

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