Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to School

I start back on the 27th to the schools and to those kids. My first year is done and my second year stretches out before me. I have plans and ideas for this second year, and no sign of an evaluation for a while to come. There are a couple things concerning me, but I'm going to keep those things at the back of my head until they get close enough to warrant worrying about. The big one is the Inventory. The last two times I did inventory were not pleasant affairs. I have some experience with the collections this time, though. If I had some time, I could methodically go through all the books on the LOST list and see if they found their way back onto the shelves. I've found two books so far that I could cross off the LOST list because they were on the shelves. Inventory is a little intimidating, but it's part of the job and needs to be done.
I've done two Book Fairs already, and there are two more Book Fairs ahead of me. I'm feeling so-so about that. Just need to get myself a few volunteers before November for the first one. Okay, I can worry and dwell on that later. Meanwhile, I'm catching up on my reading. Just finished reading an excellent book by Guy Gavriel Kay (Lord of emperors) and am starting a bio on Kant by Manfred Kuehn. Hope it's a good tome. On my future list of stuff to read, I'm going to revisit 'Andromeda strain' and then plumb the Shakespearean depths with 'Richard III' and then 'Two gentlemen of Verona'. I love going to the Library, even though my new base of operations has lousy parking.
Before I close this up, I want to say a few things about the Bachelor life. Some of my relatives joked that I've become a 'bachelorette'. The title sounds better than spinster, eh? Still, I'd rather be called a spinster over the female for bachelor -- it actually sounds better to my ears. I continue to make attempts at cooking a hamburger patty. Two screw-ups and one-and-a-half successes, I'm proud to say. I'm getting used to being by myself, and when work starts up again, I'll have much less time to kill during the day. I'll probably even get very good at cooking a patty. I also warmed up some soup for myself. Just didn't feel like having fries. I haven't had much success with fries. Maybe I should try cooking them in the oven and not the toaster oven.
Okay. That's all for the Wry Spinster. BYE.

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