Monday, February 9, 2009

Two in one

That's right: two topics in one post! I don't think I've done anything like that yet. Let me start with the disgusting part. Saturday night my sister and I went for supper. I ordered the enchilada, which I haven't done in a while. I was fine for the rest of the evening, although I had what I thought was just a gas attack toward midnight. I went to bed around midnight and slept until 2, which is when the madness started. There's a comic out there (his name escapes me) who suggests that the stomach is the body bouncer. White blood cells kill the unwelcome, but the stomach kicks them out, one way or another. My built-in bouncer decided the chicken in the enchilada had to be dealt with. As a result, I was up all night and into Sunday morning. I spent all day Sunday sitting or lying around, staying close to the bathroom. Here we are, Monday in all its glory... and I didn't go to work.
I woke up this morning not totally 100%, so I decided to call in sick this morning. 1st off, I work with kids, and I didn't want to (it could happen!) accidentally transmit whatever bug I picked up from the chicken. Also, it would not've looked good for me to be running to the girls' room in the middle of Story time with the kids (again, it could happen!). The staff washrooms are on the main floor while the library is on the second floor, and I might've ended up being sent home anyway. Perform damage control and have one more day to recuperate. I alerted the teachers and secretary as to my situation and hopefully all goes well for them. It's back to work tomorrow, as I'm feeling a little better now. My stomach is accepting food again. My stomach muscles hurt every time I cough or laugh, but that too shall pass.
The second part of my post concerns an author I just cannot seem to shake. Anthony Trollope strikes again! It doesn't help that I'm reading one of his series. A question: is there a plural of 'series'? I would love to know the answer. I finished reading a series of essays he wrote (character studies, more like it) on various types of clergymen. Stuff that would make most people snore, I imagine, but every experience has worth. If these character studies helped him out any, there's a chance they will help others. In his Barchester series, he never strays far from the bishops, vicars, wardens, and other titles in the Church of England. Catholicism doesn't have vicars, prebendaries, or wardens; at least, I don't think we've got'em. It's the Anglican church that has all these figures. I know the Catholic church doesn't have prebendaries.
Thankfully, I did not come across one fox-hunt scene among those essays. That would've been a cause for throwing the book across the room.
There will be more Trollope in the weeks to come. Rest assured, I am not done with him yet! BYE.

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