Sunday, February 22, 2009

I gnosis

My spiritual progression is not something to boast about on street corners, and this blog is supposed to be about books I've been reading. Of course, it's hard to not allude to my life and the impact what I'm reading has on it. For instance, I finished reading 'Living Gnosis' by Tau Malachi recently and have started on 'The essence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib: part 2'. I cannot help but reflect on what I have read and try to apply it to my progression through life. For starters, 'Living Gnosis' is written well enough. The author wasn't saying anything new for me, but I was reassured by what he was saying. Like everyone, I want to know that I'm sort of on the right path. As I see it, this book reassured me that I was.
Gnostic Christianity is what Malachi endorses, and he defines it as being much more esoteric than mainstream Christianity. Small wonder, since Gnostic Christians were branded as heretics during the dark and blasphemous days of the past. Perhaps, even now, this society must wrap itself in parable and esoterica so as not to be brought down by the current fundamentalist following. The author bases himself in California, which makes perfect sense. Disconnected, disaffected people the world over are looking for a place to happen and for something to believe in, and California is usually one of the places they go to. Malachi takes up Jesus' N.T. statements and applies them to his perception of spirituality, discovering what he needs to spread his message to anyone who will read this book.
I'm such a cynic that I don't eagerly embrace his supposed esoterica. Permit me to get super-suspicious for a moment. It seems that when someone wants to spread their message to a large group, all they have to do is drape their message in the mantle of esoterica. Nothing draws crowds like a mystery. Just look at all the people who followed Jesus around when he stood on the Mount and delivered his sermon. Only certain people were able to 'read between the lines' and 'know the truth' in his words. I'll be honest; I was so excited by what he was saying that I almost started to write him a letter. Then, as I read further, I felt my pessimistic nature grow about me.
This could be a flaw on my part; I find some things very hard to believe. I do believe that Gnostic Christianity is a way to the summit, but not the only one, and certainly not for everyone. Anyway, that's all for now. Thanks for your time.

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