Thursday, September 4, 2008

They're Baaaaaack!

Classes started at the schools I work at today, and the halls at Stevenson were alive with chatter. I heard at least one heart-rending screamed plea a Kindergartener made for her mother and I sighed. Ah, Kindergarten. I don't recall if I threw any fits like that. I took the bus to school from day one, as far as I can recall, so I hope I didn't throw any fits like that. It makes me want to hug my mom and thank her for putting up with me. It was quiet in the library for the most part, with occasional visits from teachers and EA's. Some of them brought their classes in for a visit but did not stay long. I did have a sit down with a Grade One class today. I read them a Munsch book and things went quite pleasantly. The teacher was there all the time, and he kept them in line far better than I could.
I also met with a Grade One/Two class and observed them reading in the library - again with the teacher close by. While I want nothing to do with having children of my own, there were more than a couple of these kids who were just so CUUUUUUTE! Almost elfin at times, you might say. They are all shorter than I am - another reason I enjoy working in an Elementary setting. There was a morning assembly and all the staff were introduced to the children, including myself. I rejoiced in being a Ms., although it will take some getting used to being called by my last name by all these kids.
I work with a library system called LibraryWorld, and it, like all computer programs, has some kinks that need working out. I finally nailed down the secret art of printing out barcodes (not hard once you know what you're doing) today but I had some trouble with printing out patron barcodes for the dozen or so classes at Stevenson. Hopefully I'll get it all ironed out at Brooklands tomorrow and then on Monday I can do the same thing for Stevenson. Apart from that little kink, things were pretty good today. I met with the woman who volunteers in the library for the two schools. I hope we'll get along all right.
I've already started checking books for the teachers as well and keeping a running tally for when I have to work on the stats and monthly report for the principals. I also have parking spaces there now. No plugs but I don't mind running out during my lunch break this winter. That's the scuttlebutt so far.

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