Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good vibes and peeves

Middle of the fourth week at work, and the good vibes continue. Figuring a lot out and everyone has been helpful. I got flustered a couple of times over the past couple of days, but I figure once I get everything set up to my satisfaction, things should move quite smoothly. There are some things I am going to have to change at one of the schools I work at. Guinness Books are enormously popular, but they end up in the Reference section, and I have kids saying they're allowed to take such books out, while I have other kids saying they cannot be taken out because they are Reference books. This is one of those things I am going to need to address before the kids get too comfortable taking them out.
Technically, it's the first week the kids have been able to take out books from the library, so I've gone a little easy on them. They're K-5, so going easy on them is almost standard, right? Well, I shouldn't be a complete and total pushover, either. I am THE authority, and as such, MY word is as close to law as one can get in the library. Consistency is the key (why does that sound familiar to me?) to keeping everything going smoothly. I think I am going to have to change what goes under REF and what doesn't to suit MY point of view. That does not mean that I'm going to go overboard on this - the most recent Guinness will stay REF while the older ones will go in the main stacks, for instance.
The next thing I am going to have to deal with is the fact that K-5 kids have a tendency to speak very softly. I don't fault them for this, for I was that age once upon a time, and even now, I sometimes need to speak up (usually when in a crowd). I want to properly interact with these kids, but am not quite sure how to go about it. I did implement reading a chapter book to the 4/5 classes at Brooklands this week. 3 classes like that, and I hope they like the change. I just think that reading picture books very possibly insults a class of 4th and 5th Graders. And if it doesn't, it should! I would probably be insulted if someone dragged out a picture book to read to me at 10 and 11. But, I wasn't normal for that age.
Met with the Brooklands principal to discuss the budget. It sounds like my predecessor spent every last penny or so, but at least the kids will get a ton of books, so it all works out. I'll have to do a ton of weeding this year. Keep 'em crossed that I survive to make it through the 3 month evalutation, because I like this job!

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