Thursday, August 28, 2008

My hot gig

More to the point, my new job. I started work this Tuesday, and I've gotten such a good vibe from my surroundings and the people there that I can't help but feel good. I work as a library technician for two K-5 schools on the other side of the city. Brooklands School and Stevenson-Britannia School each have awesome qualities about them that really make me happy to be working there. The division runs on the 6-day cycle, and I'm working at one school days 1, 3, and 5, while I work at the other days 2, 4, and 6. 50-50, you might say. I got a new car so I could drive out to these days, as it would take 2-3 buses to get to either of the schools.
A few details about each of these schools would be in order. Stevenson's library is on the second floor and man, it's huge! High ceiling makes the library look larger, and it has a lamination machine and a die press machine (which has to be the most amazing and fun doo-dad in the history of the world). I understand the library goes through a lot of lamination plastic, so I should get ordering some more in a few months. The secretary seems nice and the teachers were extremely welcoming. I got my billboard up and it looks all right. I'm no expert on billboards, but some of the teachers and some of the other library techs are, so their advice will be wonderful.
Brooklands is an older school, with part of it having been built in 1911. It's also a much smaller school than Stevenson, with a library just a little larger than our living room. The paint job in the library could be better, but I'm not complaining. The neighbourhood is made up of diverse ethnicities and tons of school spirit. Again, the teachers were really welcoming and offering me whatever help I needed. The principal is new and he wants me to figure out ways to improve the library. First on my recommendation list will be a phone in the library for me. The library computer system has its kinks, and it will be hard to troubleshoot if I'm always running back and forth from the office to the library.
Despite several kinks (I've only been at this for three days, so kinks are expected), I'm excited about the new job and ready to make tons of recommendations and see what happens. I also have to talk to my predecessor and see what she's done. Bye-bye.

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