Monday, July 9, 2018

The Sorrows of Genn

 "Intoned the crow.... Hmm, doesn't sound right. Maybe if I rework it."
 Gordo Genn felt a strange heaviness this morning. He sat on the floor of his kitchen and let his thoughts wander. Sometimes this helped. He'd been introspective since childhood but lately, something serious had been on his mind.
 "What's love, anyway?" he mused, staring forlornly at the cold wooden surface of his affection. "I loved this door. I installed her with my own hands... gave her the best shellac treatment I could afford... we had so much fun for so long. Now she stands there; cold and unfeeling."

To take his mind off of his lost love Gordo went for a long walk. His steps took him to a quiet pub. Drink in hand, he looked out the window and pondered. "So cold and sad outside... or is that just me?"

To be continued....

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