Sunday, November 26, 2017

Glitchy Goo

   Hi there! I have been playing Sims 3 for a while now and I do have CC but it has never caused me any trouble before. I have a pair of eyebrows that did cause trouble but I never use it now for any of my Sims. Anyway, the glitch I am facing now is not game-breaking but may be indicative of worse things to come.
   So I have a family in Twinbrook and a fairy with a problem.

   It started when he was a child with two faint black hair squares but has now grown. I am wondering (and dreading) what he'll look like as adult. I think it might be a skin issue but I have no CC skins. Just those eyebrows. I should remove them from my game just to see if that is in fact the issue. I have a bunch of CC shirts but they have never caused me any trouble and I've had them for a couple of years.

   And maybe a bit of news wouldn't hurt. I have finally ordered all my books for work. Lots of Indigenous Resources as well. Oh, how I love getting new books for the library. Xmas and all my birthdays rolled into one.

    Factoid: next September it will be a full decade since I started working for the school division. Yeah. I need a new car too. But that means a car loan and various financial matters. It's doable; just not wallet-friendly.

    C'est tout. Bye.

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