Saturday, January 21, 2017

Profile: Allan Dowdy

 Meet Allan Dowdy. A confident father of three who likes nothing better than riding the waves on his trusty windsurfer. Today the weather was great and the water called, so he suited up and left the kids with the sitter.
 Oh yeah, and he's a vampire. His day-trips on the water don't last very long and it's a pain getting a sitter who will watch the tykes all night. Lucky for him that he's a well-respected man in the community.
 Did I mention he's also a criminal? Luckily it's just low-level stuff but there was that one time when he was locked up for a month following his crimes against fashion. But he doesn't let the stress get to him at all. He's very thorough in keeping himself clean and proper in his other dealings.
 Okay, that's going a bit far, Allan. (Could someone shift the camera or changed the slide, please?)
The life of a blue-skinned opportunistic vampiric wave-rider is fraught with danger and excitement. But, as you can see, Allan's also a devoted family man who just likes to stay home on Sundays and read the paper.

The End?

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