Sunday, January 1, 2017

Enrichment at Zomb Inc.

 Hello. I'm Dr. Necrosis. As a member of Zomb Incorporated's empowerment team, I host enrichment workshops for middle management. Are you feeling sick and tired? Feeling like you're just a rotting cog on the gibbet of life? We all go through that.
 You aren't alone. Talk to someone about what's troubling you. A family member, a trusted co-worker, or your doctor. Even if there's nothing troubling you it's better to share your story with people around you. Don't forget your friends, either. They know when you're having a bad day and can help you out.
   Appearance is important. The better you feel, the better you look. Your friends, family, and co-workers can help here as well with any advice on gash and gangrene care. The empowerment team is also on hand with advice and suggestions on various products.
   Keep active! We zombies can handle pretty much any sort of weather so there's no reason to stick around the graveyard. Winter is our slow season, so get out on a frozen pond with a pal and skate the night away. It's exhilarating, good exercise, and guaranteed you'll sleep better when you're done.
  January and February are tough months for our company. Just take the slow season as it comes and remember that the enrichment team at Zomb. Inc. is always on hand to answer any questions you may have. And I am always available to hold a workshop - just give me a call.

Have a wonderfully decrepit New Year!

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