Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bush Telegraph Today

 "This is Hot Momma. Hot Momma coming at you from the depths of suburbia. What's your handle? Over."
 "This is Space Cadet, Hot Momma. What's the scuttlebutt by your place, Hot Momma? Over."
 "Bad news for my buddy Jane, Space Cadet. Her ma and pa went on permanent vacation with Grimmie. Over."
  "Grimmie? He's a scary dude, Hot Momma. Is she okay? Did Grimmie kill her parents? Is Grimmie gonna kill her? Over."
  "She's fine, Space Cadet. Wait a minute. Is that you, Hannah? Over."
 "There's nobody named Hannah here, Hot Momma. I'm Space Cadet. Over and under."
 "That's over and out, Space Cadet. What did I tell you about messing around on the radio, Hannah? This is an 18 rated channel. Over."
 "Come on, great-aunt Michelle! I've got some scuttlebutt for you! Really, I promise! Good scuttlebutt! Please let me stay? Over."
 "All right but it better be good scuttlebutt, Space Cadet. If it isn't I'm taking away the radio from you until you're eighty. Over."
  "The DeSotos got married, Hot Momma! Austin told me he saw them kissing. It really gross him out, Hot Momma. Over."
  "That's great news, Space Cadet. Austin just needs to grow up a little and he'll start to like kissing. What else do you have for me, Space Cadet? Over."
  "Hot Momma, is the view at the DeSoto house really nice? Over."
  "No different than the view at our house. Why do you ask, Space Cadet? Over."
  "Because Austin said his dad likes his stepmom's view very much. He told me his dad looks at it all the time. He said it's a nice valley. They don't live in a valley. Over."
 "Okay, Space Cadet. You aren't allowed to hang out with Austin until you're eighty. And stop whining. I can't believe he told you that! Now get off the line and go to your room. Honestly, the next time you get on the line behind my back at least do it in a different room! Over and out!"

The end. Over.

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