Saturday, September 24, 2016

Mathews Clan - Beach Style

  Rosa and Maximus felt a longing for sand between their toes. They stocked the beater with summer dealies and their little Chelsey and went to the beach. Three hours of gravel roads, sicky tummies, and boredom but it was worth it. The lake was especially gorgeous today.
   Maximus watched and played with Chelsey while Rosa went for a long swim. Then it was Max's turn while Rosa broke out the dogs. Chelsey chilled nearby with her teddy and giggled like anything to see such quantities of sand.
   Maximus returned and fed Chelsey while Rose put the finishing touches on the hot dogs. They ate and discussed the finer points of Oscar Meyer with great relish. Then they retreated to the beach and made sandcastles until the sun began a descent.
  No one like to say goodbye to the beach - especially after such a lovely day but there was a long trip still ahead. Rosa and Max packed up the car again while Chelsey waved and laughed at the setting sun.

The End

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