Saturday, July 2, 2016

Winter Reports by IB4-U

 Winter Report #1
Preliminary findings suggest that my foot pads became faulty at some point this season. My gait and balance require some re-calibration as well. I have not been able to ascertain the cause for these issues.
My creator suggested that, with practice on the ice, my balance and foot pads would be corrected.
 Winter Report #2
I previously determined that snow is irrelevant and a nuisance. My creator advised me to 'enjoy myself' and sent me outside to 'have fun'. I observed some children making snow angels and made my own attempt while forming a hypothesis on the individuality of snowflakes.
 Winter Report #3
It has been two months since I filled out report #1. Since then my aptitude on the ice has increased to the point that I can execute axel jumps and salchows with relative ease. My creator's hypothesis was correct.
I also have a finding on my hypothesis on the individuality of snowflakes: forget that! I have a snow angel to make!
Winter Report #4 (Final Report)
During a trek through the snow I encountered a skeleton named Ossy. We discussed the dying days of winter and proper nutrition. Ossy then challenged me to a snowman making contest.
Here too my creator's advice was correct. My first winter was lots of fun and I enjoyed myself very much.

Report completed by Plumbot IB4-U.

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