Saturday, June 25, 2016


In the beginning, Sam was a lost sheep - wandering the world seeking insight. Then he found his God. And it was okay.
His God (some guy named Bob, I think) willed him to fish - for followers, for compliments, for new trunks. His faith manifested in weird ways - sometimes he could walk on water and other times his mullet was able to gross out a thousand people.
After many years of great piety Sam went home to his son and grandchildren. He was so enamored by his eldest grandson that he went everywhere showing the lad's picture to everyone.
Like all grandpas Sam doted on the boy. Sometimes this had untoward effects. Like when the boy was friends with folks like Grimmie. And when Grimmie owed the boy a favour.
And thus ended the story of Sam.

The End.

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