Saturday, February 13, 2016

It Happened in the Spring

Nobody knows how it got started. Robert was sure it had something to do with those strange lights in the sky. They'd come for him before but nothing had come of it. When they came for his cousin Bobby, he hadn't worried.
Over the summer and fall things had been normal but with the first snowfall Bobby began to act oddly. It had started with a four-hour tirade about spyware on his - ahem - favourite - ahem - websites. Add to that the nightmares and belief that his hands were out to strangle him... something was wrong.
 Bobby willingly started therapy but he could not explain why he was behaving this way. The therapist suggested he create snowmen to tell his story. His third snowman told the tale.
Now that the cause was known, the family had to deal with the effect. The nightmares intensified and Bobby spent most nights trying to keep his left hand from going out of control.
By day... well... let's just say he was pretty close to going postal.

The End.

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